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We may have a lot to offer in regards to accessories and parts, but what we do mostly is our services :
Primarily, what we do is Computer and laptop repairs. Upgrades and maintenance.
We can remove viruses, make your computer go faster, fix those annoying windows errors, clean up all those excess programs and make your computer run smoother.
When your computer wont boot, we can find out why and fix it. If you have trouble installing new software or hardware we can sort it out for you. We can back up your data or show you how to back it up yourself. We can help with email problems and printing problems.
Lost your Windows Login password and can’t log into windows? We can reset your password for you.
We also do most laptop repairs including replacement screens, replacement keyboards, overheating cpu fans and a whole lot more. In fact other than the motherboard, if a laptop is broken there’s not much that can’t be fixed. Of course we’ll quote on the job first. After all it has to be economical to fix. Lost your laptop power pack ? We have spares.
Laptop screens come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types. From 10.1 inch to 17.2 and above, from LCD to LED, From matt finish to glossy, the list goes on.
In most cases it’s worth replacing a laptop’s screen so don’t throw away a laptop just because the screen is broken. We always quote first.
Sometimes when a laptop gets a broken screen the hinges can be damaged too so we always check those over while we are on the job.

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